Journals Outreach

Various scientific disciplines are gradually coming to the realisation that it is essential to become more transparent through reproducible, replicable and reusable research processes and results (EC report on reproducibility.

Availability of data and the methods from the original study are at the core of research transparency. Major research funders and policymakers are pointing out that data sharing and reusing quality-assured data is good scientific practice. Researchers are also encouraged to share their research data as openly as possible (Science Europe EU’s Open Science policy).

Against this backdrop, publishers of scientific outputs are also developing policies related to research data sharing. This is happening in the context of the increasing trend towards Open Science.

The Journals Help Desk is a service supporting academic publishers and CESSDA partners, with a focus on social sciences. It shares examples of good practice related to data sharing and preservation.

The Help Desk is part of a wider Journals Outreach initiative, linking journal editors, researchers and CESSDA partners. It creates a dialogue via workshops, training events, a dedicated internet presence and a discussion forum supporting the various parties towards achieving their Open Science goals.

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