CESSDA consolidates
and strengthens European
social science research.

Find Research Data

The CESSDA Data Catalogue contains tens of thousands of European studies and data collections held by our Service Providers.

CESSDA Data Catalogue

Learn Data Management

The Data Management Expert Guide (DMEG) is a comprehensive guide to Research Data Management and FAIR data principles.

Data Management Expert Guide


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The Consortium

CESSDA - the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives - provides large-scale, integrated and sustainable data services to the social sciences.

CESSDA in a nutshell
CESSDA Consortium

CESSDA's members seek to strengthen and promote European research in the social sciences, and to facilitate access to data regardless of borders.

Benefits of membership

Building Data Services

CESSDA provides strategy, expertise and support for promoting and maintaining standards and trust in social science research.

Depositing Data

CESSDA – through its European network of national Service Providers – operates a number of specialised repositories for depositing social science research data. 

To find out more about depositing your data with a trusted CESSDA partner, simply get in touch with your national CESSDA Service Provider.

List of Service Providers
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