CESSDA Strategy 2023-2027

In October 2023 CESSDA ERIC's new 2023-2027 strategy was launched, the result of a year-long consultative process with stakeholders. This strategy capitalises on CESSDA's achievements since its establishment in 2017 and anticipates the latest trends in research data and the European Research Area (ERA).

The strategy places a strong emphasis on digital transformation, cross-disciplinary collaboration, FAIR research practices, and evolving research data policies, all central to the current scientific landscape. Responding to increased demands from social scientists, CESSDA is set to provide tools and services for harmonising various data formats, promoting responsible data management, and supporting research evaluations.

To better serve CESSDA members and the wider research community, three strategic themes have been established:

  • DATA (Seek to Further the Interoperability of Metadata and Data),
  • PEOPLE (Connecting People - Engaging and empowering stakeholders), and
  • LANDSCAPE (Shaping the European Research Arena).

The overarching objectives include enhancing data discoverability, improving service interoperability, fostering collaboration among Service Providers, engaging researchers at all levels, forging strategic partnerships, and connecting with global actors.

We eagerly anticipate continued collaboration with CESSDA's community and partners. Over the next five years, CESSDA remains unwavering in its commitment to providing sustained access to high-quality social science data for the betterment of society.


Goal 1 
Enable Data Discovery
Goal 2
Working on the Interoperability of Services
Goal 3Facilitate Mutual Exchange among CESSDA’s Service Providers and Support within their National Landscape
Goal 4
Reach Out to the SSH Researcher at National, European and Global Level

Goal 5
Establishing Strategic Partnership with ERA Actors


Goal 6
Establishing Strategic Partnership for the Benefit of Society


CESSDA Strategy 2023-2027 Video

Want a brief recap? You can watch our CESSDA Strategy Video on Youtube now:

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