Widening and Outreach

CESSDA is developing a Pan-European collaboration going beyond the current CESSDA membership. It does this by addressing data archives in services in the social sciences and humanities in prospective non-member countries.

CESSDA wishes to grow, while also strengthening the ties with current members. It wants to be a leader in European data discovery and actively represent Europe on the global stage of data driven social science research. CESSDA will increase its visibility, share standards, and encourage the uptake of its tools and policies in scientific research communities. This pillar will actively collaborate with the other CESSDA pillars.

Widening workshops

Widening workshops have been organised since 2017, at a rate of one or two events per year. Each workshop is located in a CESSDA partner country.

The objectives of the workshops are: (1) to provide a meeting platform for CESSDA partners, their ministerial representatives, CESSDA main office, and Service Providers; (2) to deliver training and information on available support and tools to CESSDA partners; (3) to collect and update information on the situations in non-member countries; and (4) to promote widening issues and CESSDA visibility in non-member countries.

The Widening Activities project members cooperate with the other CESSDA work groups to deliver training and presentations of relevant tools and support services. Here are links to past events webpages, including the presentations given by the speakers: Milan (5-6 June 2018) and Belgrade (14-15 November 2018).

CESSDA Data Day 2021 – Social Science Data Archives in Poland: Opportunities for Researchers and Challenges Ahead, was organised on 18 March 2021 in cooperation with the Polish Social Data Archive (PADS) and Qualitative Social Data Archive (ADJ).

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